Dynamic Business Management Systems & Services
Effective.  Economical.  Responsive.  Effortless. Complete.
Welcome to business.
Business; Purposeful Activity
The Purpose of GUEL & Associates is to Keep
Business In Business in the Most Economical Way

GUEL & Associates is a complete business operation
ready to integrate into virtually any client vision and
purpose.  We take great pride in our proven ability to
help our clients creatively execute success with their

Visions that benefited from GUEL & Associates range
from small      business expansion to international
operations.  For profit and non-profit.  We understand
our clients depend on the intelligence and fortitude of
our Associates combined with the power of
professional grade technologies to execute their
missions in support of the business.
Embedded Business Operational System Support

To a professional, creating the experience of business success brings
pride, empowerment, confidence, and joy.  Enjoying your business
means enjoying the purpose of the business. We understand each
business situation is unique.  The culture of each office, studio, and
shop offer a different characteristic to each product or service offered.  
The embedded approach allows for a seamless delivery of success
driven services.

Factors like regulation, competition, economy, or complacency, can
hamper the purpose of a business. emBOSS is the best economical
approach to creating desired results. emBOSS partner clients gain
effective sustained or project based professional services. The benefit
of having access to flexible embedded proactive professional services
is a major competitive advantage.  Our professionals bring
distinguished experiences, relevant education, and who are focused on
economically delivering desired results.  GUEL & Associates
professionals enjoy their business because they are involved in the
process of success building in different industries.  Associated
professionals seldom work with businesses with identical issues but,
deliver a wealth of experience and successes with similar challenges.
"Believe in CURRENCY,
our own ECONOMIES,
and experiencing
Nevada - Idaho - Washington
Internationally Capable